Recovering Properly With Your Liposuction Garment |

Liposuction procedure takes shorter recovery time compared to other surgical procedures. However, you will need the help of a liposuction garment. Wearing this will speed up the process and reduce the swelling that is accompanying the liposuction.Liposuction is one of the common procedures for losing weight and body sculpting. Since this is an unnatural operation, one has to bear with some after effects as well as some damage to the body. It is inevitable that some trauma will be experienced by the affected area after the procedure.The suctioning of the cannula and the movement of the instrument inside the body will definitely cause some damage on cells, and bruise some tissues. This is inevitable, however, so that the body will be toned to your desired shape. But one should be careful for nerves and the internal organs be damaged by the procedure, since this will lead to serious dangers.The body parts will naturally swell and get bruised. A certain area may swell since the sensitive cells release fluid and chemicals when the cannula hits it. Blood and fluids will be brought to the affected area to avert the damage, as well as some waste fluids travel from the area. This will cause a jam at the area which causes the swelling. This usually develops after a few hours or days after the actual procedure.For people who undergo tumescent operation, they can expect swelling within two days after liposuction. From the name itself, tumescent means “swelling”. The best way to go about it is to wear a proper liposuction garment.Made of material which assists in fluid drainage, a liposuction garment is simply essential not only for recovery but for toning as well. This garment helps in tightening the skin, reducing the swelling, as well as promoting better blood and fluid circulation around the affected area. The area covered by the liposuction will determine the design as well as the style of the liposuction garment to be worn by the patient.Most common are those liposuction garment that look like long underwear. This is usually worn by women who just had cellulite liposuction on their thighs. The general rule in choosing a liposuction garment is that it should be one size smaller than one’s body hugging gym clothes.The length of time needed to wear the liposuction garment depends on the doctor’s recommendation as well as the person’s preference. The patient can wear it for as long as he/she wants. These can be worn for weeks and even while the patient is already working. New technology has come out that can make one wear the liposuction garment in as little as 3 days or when the fluid has drained out.To promote drainage of fluids, others would rely on adits. Whatever your choice, it is best to consult your doctor first in what option you should take, so that your recovery will be a smooth and immediate one.