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The job a SEO services company do is that it helps its clients to attain a high search engine ranking for their web pages. The job needs specialized knowledge. Professional service can be given only by experts who have spent years slogging it out in the field. A typical SEO company employs an average of 50 personnel.Professional SEO services come in different avatars. There is the vanilla SEO optimisation with the sole aim to improve website rankings; there are social media optimisation specialists, who are particularly adept at viral marketing strategies. And there are brand managers at the top of the pile. These experts can make a product a brand with the consistent application of appropriate marketing strategies.A good SEO company always does its groundwork. The client is quizzed thoroughly before any active steps are taken. The projected outcome of the effort is made clear. Scheduling of the work is done meticulously.SEO service companies come in many flavors. Some are good, some are bad, and some follow downright ugly practices. The good SEO Company employs white hat techniques to move a website up in the rankings. It conforms to SEO guidelines. It means that the user reads identical content as the one the search engine indexes. White hat SEO means the content is aimed towards readers and not for a better ranking. The bad SEO Company sometimes uses black hat techniques to jack up the page rank. The ugly companies use deceptive methods to artificially push up the rankings. Cloaking is used. It is a technique where the web page content is different for a human visitor or a search engine. Here is a professional’s advice: stay away from the bad and the ugly companies. Using them will hamper your website’s visibility in the longer term. Consumer trust in the website will also be lowered. Discovery of offending websites may force Google or Yahoo to eliminate them from database listings in entirety.Good professional SEO services may be expensive. Remember that you get the work you pay for. A cheaper SEO company may appear attractive; but it may not be effective where the money comes in. If you really want a cheap, but better SEO overhaul, consider the offshore delivery model. Outsource it to countries whose currencies are lower than where you stay. The conversion rate between your country’s currency and those of the outsourced country may be large enough to make your offer a tempting one. Always remember that patience is the key to a successful SEO strategy. Like all things great, it takes time for a website to move up a ranking.